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About Us

The Laughing Gourd Studio


Vikkie Mustad

Vikkie Mustad is the founder of The Laughing Gourd Studio. As part of a family including quilters, woodworkers, and DIY-ers (do-it-yourselfers), Vikkie has a wide range of creative interests and skills. She loves learning and has traveled the world in search of unique experiences. Vikkie began sharing her interests with friends eventually transitioning to leading workshops at different venues. Finally, she created the Laughing Gourd Studio as a creative space of her own but has expanded it to share with others.

Vikkie has been an active member of the Ohio Gourd Society since 2006 and is a past editor of the Gourd Greetings newsletter for the Ohio Chapter. She is a self-taught gourd farmer, artist, and instructor. Vikkie loves learning and has traveled the world in search of unique gourd experiences!


The Studio

The Laughing Gourd Studio offers ample room and supplies to get your creative juices flowing. Surrounded by lush greenery, The Laughing Gourd Studio can provide a relaxing space for you to enjoy creating. The Studio is located behind the family home on their property they share with their dogs, cat, bunny and chickens. They won’t be creating with you, but they’ll definitely poke their head through the fence to say hi!

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Our Story

The Laughing Gourd Studio is a dream realized by wife and husband team -  Vikkie and Sam - as a space where creativity and can flow!  The Studio has evolved from a backyard shed where Vikkie and Sam experiment with new hobbies to a communal space where you are invited to come "play" with us as we explore a variety of arts and crafts projects.

As the name implies, The Laughing Gourd Studio strives to provide a lighthearted and relaxed setting for you to explore your creative side!   For nearly 20 years, Vikkie has been growing and crafting hard-shelled gourds, is an active member of the Ohio Gourd Society and has travelled the world in search of gourd experiences!  While the Studio is not limited to gourds or gourd arts and craft, you will be delighted at the opportunities that this unique craft provides!

Also as the name implies, The Laughing Gourd is for anyone who values a lighthearted approach to creativity.   

At the Laughing Gourd Studio, we value the idea that creating art is important to well-being. Our mission is to provide a relaxed space for you to engage in stress-free and rewarding arts and crafts activities. Whether you want time for yourself, to have fun with a group of your friends or family, or meet new friends, each class size is small to allow for participant enjoyment and personalized attention.

Mostly, we will focus on the process, rather than the end result of art.

Whether beginner or advanced creatives, there will always be something fresh and interesting to get your creative juices flowing.


The grand opening in October was a success! 

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter for information on classes and for updates! 


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